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Consulting success through an innovative approach.

Your professional and senior positions filled for the long term. CleverMatch stands for innovative, scientifically based personnel consulting. We rely on business psychology know-how and valid, digital recruiting solutions.

Are you ready?

From our many years of professional experience, we know how complex it is to find the right candidate for a particular position. With our personnel consulting, we support you to make the right decision. It is not done with the examination of a CV and an interview based on gut feeling. The future job holder must fit the company and the position as a personality.

To help you make the right decisions for the future of your business, we have developed a multi-step process: the CleverMatch Method.

The CleverMatch Method


Creation of the requirements profile

We create a valid requirement profile for your specific position (target profile). In an intensive exchange with you, we find out about the specifics of your company or your business challenges and goals. On this basis, we work out the success-critical requirements of the position to be filled. In doing so, we focus on the personal characteristics and competencies that the suitable candidate must bring with him or her in order to be successful in the future position.

Direct approach

After approval of the target profile, we identify potential candidates and approach them confidentially.


Whether a person is successful in his or her function is not a question of formal qualifications. Rather, the decisive factor is which personality traits and competencies they bring with them to master specific challenges. In our multi-stage pre-selection process, we therefore not only analyze the documents and check the professional suitability, but also focus on the candidate's personality and interdisciplinary competencies. We use valid online procedures and structured interviews to collect data.

Presentation of the candidates

You receive a resume, target salary, availability, and the results of the online procedures for potentially suitable candidates. The results of the online procedures contain extensive valid information on professionally relevant personality traits and motivational structures of the candidates as well as information on their analytical management skills. As a rule, three to five candidates are then presented to you.

Individual audit for top positions

The top candidates with whom you can imagine working together after the presentation take part in an individual audit.

The goal is to get a clear picture of the candidate's strengths and weaknesses in relation to the competencies required in the target position. This allows you to make the best possible hiring decision and minimize the risk of making a bad hire.

The results of the individual audit can also be used to work specifically on identified weaknesses of the new job holder after hiring has taken place, as well as to use strengths profitably.

All process steps in the individual audit are accompanied by an experienced business psychologist.


We accompany you with a lot of tact during the contract negotiations and lay the foundation for a successful, long-term cooperation in the first weeks together with you and the new position holder.